Thornbury Postcards

Thornbury Wine’s wanted a fresh approach to their marketing materials that embraced their new strapline ‘5 Great Regions’ and captured the eye of a younger audience. Taking inspiration from vintage travel posters I created playful illustrations featuring the quintessential element of each region and hid a wine bottle within. The postcard packs made great wine show giveaway souvenirs that people could pin on their wall or fridge. There is one postcard for each of the five regions where Thornbury grows their grapes.

Thornbury-postcard-hero-IMG_4065 Thornbury-postcard-hero-IMG_4067Thornbury-postcard-hero-IMG_4068

Thornbury-postcards-Map-webThornbury-postcards-Gisborne-web  Thornbury-postcards-Waipara-web Thornbury-postcards-Marlborough-webThornbury-postcards-Otago-web

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